• Titre : The Bitter End |Episode 1| Synchronized
    • Réalisateur : Oritasho
    • Genre : Drame
    • Pitch : For The Seventeen year old Lenesse Twins, Julian and Jayden, it wasn`t something THEY wanted. After spending almost two weeks apart from the Jayden, while traveling down to their old forgotten summer home they used to live in during their childhood summers, to try get things set up, make it home like, Julian finds himself tore about how to act towards his always needy and delicate younger sister, Jayden. Haven gotten a head start in school, finding and making friends, like any normal teenager his age, how can he go back to being the giving caring, always on call bigger brother?
      "It isn't something siblings our age do..."
    • Jeu utilisé : Sims 2
    • Date de sortie : 22 avril 2013
    • Langue : Anglais
    • Acteurs : Champ non renseigné.

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